Alison Pilling works in two ways...  

1) A one-off consultancy to explore your issues, gain some understanding of the reasons for your situation and then understand possible options for change and pleasure.

2) For clients who are committed and willing to invest in a programme of changes, we create a bespoke, tailored plan that will involve regular meetings in person and on Skype, with enjoyable and thought-provoking ideas and exercises to explore between sessions.

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  • A discreet confidential non-judgmental place to bring sexual concerns where they will be received with understanding, heart and compassion.
  • Increased insight and understanding of sexual issues from a non-medical yet pioneering perspective.
  • Clear information about new possibilities and guidance about helpful practices and resources.
  • Practical and fun suggestions for adding variety into your life and your bedroom from a lived experience.


About you...

You’re here because you know there’s more to sex and your sexuality than you’re experiencing - and you want to change that in a safe sophisticated atmosphere 

You want a confidential place to share your concerns and you want to gain an understanding of how you might move beyond your current frustrations and disappointments

You’re here because you’re ready to learn some new ideas and have an open mind about what could contribute to you feeling more confident and relaxed in sexual situations.

You could be here because medical, clinical or sex therapy-based approaches to problems haven't worked for you and you want to understand your situation from a different perspective. 

You’re here because you’ve tried quick fixes or casual encounters but you’re still feeling an emptiness and lack of connection and fulfilment 

You may already committed to intelligent self development and you have a sense that long-lasting change will take focus and a willingness to be open to new ways of seeing and being.  

Ali will respect your confidentiality at all times while providing an environment where you can be yourself, without judgement. In return she asks that you respect her work and maintain professional boundaries that she makes clear from the outset.  


About Alison Pilling

With successful careers in teaching and legal sales, Ali's general dissatisfaction in life and relationships  led to explorations of yoga, art, mindfulness and qualifying as a life coach. Yet the greatest leaps of faith and love came from joining a women’s Tantra group at age 50 and that's when life opened up anew. 

For a previously repressed  Catholic, identifying and overturning old beliefs that had limited her sense of what was possible was liberating. Connecting with her heart, spirit and body, and learning to feel more and think less, opened up new ways of connecting with herself and others and a huge sense of personal freedom. 

In 2013, Ali  was invited to join the first UK Sexological Bodywork training by the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, which offers professional qualification and further in-depth study in a pioneering field. As a Somatic Sex Educator and coach, she has continually worked with leading teachers in the field of sexuality, alongside exploring and expanding her own lived experience.

Handling and understanding sexuality is deep work and the effects have gradually rippled throughout her life, giving more ease and confidence in expressing herself recognising her renaissance soul and sense of agency and aliveness. The strength  to take this journey has lead to greater satisfaction in life,  including belonging to a supportive and conscious network and being in a loving sensual supportive relationship.