I offer Consultancy in Manchester and Hebden Bridge as well as  telephone and Skype sessions to support you to understand your issues and problems, explore your sexuality, re-find desire and understand your options from new practical perspectives.  

The quickest and easiest way to contact me to book a session is to suggest a date and the reason you'd like support via the booking form below. I will get back to you as soon as I can and we will arrange a free 15 mins initial consultation. Please be aware that I am unable to offer lengthy text conversation. 

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I offer both 1-1 and online sessions so you can connect from any where in the world or meet in Manchester or Hebden Bridge.  

Skype/FaceTime/Phone coaching 1 hour £70,  90 mins £100

Individual 1-1 consultancy/coaching sessions.  

Manchester:  2 Hours £240

Hebden Bridge:  2 Hours £200, 3 Hours £300.  


Dealing with ED/PE- 4 sessions £770  - Men

Moving from Fantasy to Reality 4 sessions £770

How to Be a Better Lover  - 3 sessions £550  Men and Women

Learning blissful simple Tantra massage 4 hours £350 

Workshops and Events vary in price from £20 - £100 - see events page for details




A deposit of £100 or full session fee must be paid in full 2 days before your session.   Via bank transfer or cash payment directly into the bank or Paypal account. The remainder is payable in advance or at the session. Please note that your deposit will NOT be refunded if a cancellation is made with less than 48 hours notice.


Sessions are Tuesday - Friday between the hours of 11 and 7 pm.  Sessions are booked in advance and I am occasionally able accept same day bookings.


I’m nervous about getting in touch - how do I decide if it's right to work with you?

It’s understandable to be nervous if you haven’t spoken to anyone about this before. We can make an initial connection through email or in a brief phone conversation, and I will listen to your concerns, issues and ideas in an open, non-judgmental way. Following this conversation we’ll be able to decide whether you’d like us to work together. When you’re ready to book your first session, please email aligrace@creativesexuality.co.uk with an explanation of your reasons for contact. 

What can I expect in a Consultancy session? 

In an initial consultation we look at your current sexual situation and needs and explore your personal sexual history and how it shapes this. We also discuss the next steps and options for you, and what changes you might be willing to commit to. 

If timing permits and we agree further sessions are required, we might begin a with some exercises to shift your attention out of your head and into your body, focusing on noticing how you feel.

We will discuss and agree together your ideas for each session, or what will be covered over a course of sessions. Some sessions may consist of just talking and some sessions may include both talking and short practical exercises, including body work. There will also be fun exercises to explore between sessions, either alone or with a partner.

What topics could we cover in a coaching session? 

You will decide this. Some of the goals people often have include:

   •     Finding more ease and enjoyment in talking about sex.

   •     Discovering information that helps a better understanding of sexual issues, and new techniques to help solve them.

   •     Increasing everyday intimacy, relaxation and fun in relationships.

   •     Learning more about different types of skilled touch.

Is sex therapy mainly talking or mainly physical? What do you specialise in? 

Sex therapy is talking. I call myself a sex coach for ease, though I'm actually trained as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Educator  and a Life Coach. I'm a teacher and sex educator interested in helping people explore their sexuality and intimate relationships. 

Sex coaching is a new profession and sexological bodyworkers are focused on how the body and somatic, felt experiences can teach you deeply what you most need to learn.

There are very few of us in the UK. The type of sex coaching I offer can be a combination of energy, mind and body work. I often work with Dr Betty Martin's work on consent and my great passion is teaching people about sensual touch and how to feel and enjoy more for themselves. Being able to easily communicate about sex is a challenge and a skill and I love to make it light-hearted and enjoyable, and to help you to be braver in expressing yourself. 

How long would it take before I notice any difference?

I work with people who are ready to commit to making changes. This could be new perspectives in the way you think about sex, and being open to trying out new ideas, behaviours and ways of communicating, for yourself or with your partner. It is also helpful to complete home exercises between sessions. I also make recommendations for reading and new ideas. If you're prepared to commit, change can happen quickly.

A Skype consultancy can be useful if you just want one session to understand your issues and explore further options. For lasting changes, fulfilment, and a deeper understanding about the role of pleasure in your life, it’s helpful to initially commit to three or four sessions.

I’m embarrassed by my body and I’m scared that I’ll have to be undressed in the sessions. Will I be naked? Will you? 

The first session is talking and you will be fully clothed. Nothing will ever happen in a session that you're not in agreement with.

As you're here to explore your sexuality and sensuality, we focus on you and help you get connected to your body and how you can learn to feel more. In the sessions on becoming a more skilled lover and exploring conscious touch we may work to help you learn how to feel more pleasure in your body and then to practice your new touch skills. If you wish to learn about more intimate touch, you can bring a partner or we can work with surrogates who will join us after your initial preparatory sessions and at a time you feel ready. I'm never naked.

I’m really busy and not sure whether sex coaching is for me. How do if I know it will be worth my time?

Changes will only come about in your life when you make time for them. Sex and relationships can be a source of pleasure or unhappiness - if they make you unhappy, ignoring this by burying yourself in work or familiar distractions will only extend your dissatisfaction. Creating time to learn how to find happiness in your body and/or relationships will help you to live a fuller and more exciting life, which will in turn make you more attractive, relaxed and fun for others to be around.

If you live far away or don't feel that you need or are ready for bodywork, I offer Skype or telephone sessions as a focused way of looking at topics that are important to you, sharing ideas and information and identifying your options for change. These sessions allow us to connect from anywhere in the world.