Article: Etiquette, Boundaries and Consent

Before booking please consider the following


  • A free consultation of up to 20 minutes is available for the purpose of assessing whether we can effectively work together before booking an appointment.
  • The number of sessions required (if more than one) will be discussed and estimated as a part of the free initial consultation.
  • I may make referrals to trusted colleagues if I believe your needs will be better met with them.
  • Booking an appointment will always require an upfront non returnable deposit of £50 payable by bank transfer or Paypal. 
  • Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible for a smooth start and finish. Please contact me if you are running late. I will try to allow the full time if you do arrive late but some sessions may need to end on time.
  • Calls from no ID or international numbers cannot be answered, please contact me by email.

Boundaries and Consent

  • I am passionate about creating a safe place where not only are your boundaries respected but you are actively encouraged to learn more about and empowered to know and exercise your consent and your ‘yes’ and your ‘no’. 
  • I do not touch you for my own pleasure (taking). All touch is given for you in service of your learning and pleasure. All serviced are offered as one-way touch only and as such are entirely focused on you and your experience.
  • With the exception of one 3 minute hand touch learning exercise around consent, there will never be an occasion when you as the client are required or allowed to touch me as your practitioner.
  • Work together may include some foundational work around the Wheel of Consent, a tool developed by Dr Betty Martin aimed at empowering individuals and practitioners in understanding and practicing healthy boundaries and consent. 
  • You, as the client are fully empowered to work within the level of touch with which you are comfortable and I recognise and honour that this may be different session by session and moment by moment.  
  • All Sexological Bodywork and Bondassage® sessions are usually conducted with you as the client unclothed and me as the practitioner clothed. I will always remain clothed in these sessions, however you have full choice around how much clothing you wish to wear and  work will be adapted accordingly.
  • Please speak with me if you would prefer to have a chaperone to attend with you

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