Spreading the Word

I never saw myself as much of a speaker or workshop leader, preferring to let others stand upfront believing they had ‘the right’ words and infinitely more knowledge than me.  Yet following my first talk December 2018 at Manchester Sex Lectures on how Touch Changes lives , I realised that maybe I could contribute in some small way to the ranks of professionals who are reaching out to more and more people about this work that can transform lives. Talking about sex, intimacy, desire, connection and getting our needs met in clean and clear ways is what I have always enthusiastically enjoyed talking about, so why not now do it in public?  

And, taking a deep breath, I am pleased to share some ‘spreading the word’ events that I am involved in over the next few months.

Cutting Edge Dialogues of Desire. The Manchester Sex Lectures series 2019. Following the sellout successes of the Sex Lectures in 2018, this new series promises to be even more daring, sexy, fun and informative. The talks are 28th May, 18th June, 23rd July and 19th September. Tickets are only £17 plus £1 booking fee. I am attending all of the events and speaking about A* pleasure at the 23rd July event. Book your tickets now before they sell out

Living Tantra Tribe. Osho Leela, Dorset 13th – 16th June. Here I’ll be using techniques from Sexological Bodywork and Wheel of Consent to lead a 2 hour Bossy Erotic Massage workshop. The event is closed to the public being held specifically for trainees and graduates of Jan Day’s living Tantra Training. I’m excited to be sharing these techniques with my LT Tribe peers.

Manchester Tantra Festival. Pathways Studio 28th - 29th  June. Learning the about choice in touch, intimacy and wider interactions through the Wheel of Consent has helped to transform my life. I use the techniques in my own life, in sessions with my clients and I am now training to be a licensed Wheel of Consent facilitator for members of the public. I’m delighted to be running two workshops as part of this. The first one of the opening workshops at  Manchester Tantra Festival on 28th  June: I’ve called it Wheel of Consent – The Joy of Choice. The festival runs for the whole weekend and is open to members of the public. Advanced tickets only at Manchester Tantra Festival

The Joy of Choice. 7th September, London. I’m running a full day Wheel of Consent introduction workshop for members of Jan Days current Living Tantra 10 cohort, This is sold out already and I am very much looking forward to sharing this learning with this lovely group of people .

 If you would like to help organise a Wheel of Consent workshop for your community, then get in touch by email and I would be happy to look at ways we can work together

In an age where loneliness, isolation and disconnection in relationships and in our communities is becoming more and more the norm, I take my part in stepping up, joining my peers in engaging more people to seek empowerment and to make this a different reality for themselves and those around them.

I invite you to join us.