Exploring Consent Event

Exploring Consent Event - Manchester 9th and 10th November '19

I am a passionate advocate of everyone honing their communication skills, especially when it comes to intimacy. Because lets face it, most of us are bewildered by the complexities of guesswork and telepathy that forms the landscape of many of our relationships.

So how would it be if, instead of not knowing how to get what we want and second guessing what the other wants, there was an easier understanding; an ability to communicate and bring safety, ease and permission into our relating. This is pretty much the entire ethos of Consent which is so much more than just ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in the bedroom - it’s a life skill!

So how would it be to notice what we truly want? And then to be sure of it? to trust it and value it and then to be able to communicate this in a way that ensures that both you and the other(s) are no longer second guessing but are clear, comfortable and at ease with what is happening?

Well, the Wheel of Consent is a tool developed by Dr Betty Martin which helps us to identify exactly this process. The process of noticing, trusting, valuing and communicating our needs before taking any action. The Wheel helps us to understand ourselves and the other more clearly.

All areas of my life and work are underpinned by The Wheel and I regularly introduce its concepts as foundational and invaluable learning tools in my one to one work with clients. In wanting to reach more people with this exceptional and healing work, I began earlier this year, to train with the School of Consent to become a Certified Wheel of Consent Workshop Facilitator.

There have been very some useful workshops so far on this journey and now I am delighted to be co-facilitating a new 2 day workshop with the very lovely Michael Dresser, Certified Facilitator and School of Consent Faculty Member. Michael and I are excited to be working together and to be bringing this hugely inspirational tool to Manchester in November.

So whats involved? This is a two day workshop which can help you to:

  • Get clearer about what you do and don’t want

  • Communicate your needs and desires more easily

  • Understand giving and receiving better

  • Navigate intimate relationships and interactions better

  • And start to bring a completely fresh approach to all your relationships.

Costs for the two days are £120 (waged), £90 (low waged) and £60 (unwaged)

Places are limited, so advance booking is absolutely essential Find out more and book here I can hardly wait to meet you!