Professional Statement for people I already know

Providing bodywork to people in the conscious sexuality, kink, LGBTQI and tantra communities, when I am involved as I am, raises questions about professional boundaries. In these comparatively small communities it may not be possible to uphold the strict separation between professional and personal/community life that is desired and usually afforded to clients who do not know me before working together. During the course of our professional relationship, it is likely that you as the client and myself as the practitioner will see each other, or bump into each other; perhaps at a party, workshop, festival, dance or other gathering. And so there is a need to be clear about ethical practice, boundaries and confidentiality in these circumstances.


  • All of the usual safeguards for confidentiality and secure record keeping will be strictly adhered to.

  • Every client will receive, as required, a statement about their rights to confidentiality, as well as identifying the few exceptions that may not apply under the law.

  • What happens in the course of professional interactions, will not be shared with anyone else, without a signed release of information from you or in the unlikely instances as required in law or by court order.

  • I will not out anyone's interests, activities or even presence at events and gatherings to anyone.

  • If we meet in public, I will take my cue from how you acknowledge me, and/or what we have talked about and agreed upon. Otherwise, I may make eye contact, smile or nod, but not go beyond that. However, if you identify me to others by the way we work together, I will still not talk about what we have or are working on.

Friends and Acquaintances:

  • If we know each other as good friends, it is unlikely that I will take you on as a paying client. However, I would be happy to have a coffee, as friends and talk.

  • If we are casual acquaintances, but do not know each other well, it may be appropriate to work together as practitioner and client. We will need to discuss and agree the implications of working together before our professional engagement begins.

  • In the distance between good friends and casual acquaintances we would need to take time to discuss how a professional relationship may or may not work.

  • And I am happy to refer you to a suitable colleague if any overlap or complications can be foreseen

If you are considering working with me and want to clarify how that would look, please get in touch by email at