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Women's Pleasure Weekend

  • Unity Studios, Brighton BN2 3LG (map)

As a woman what is your pleasure? And what is getting in the way of your capacity to receive it?

Women know there is more to our real pleasure and our sexuality than most of us are currently experiencing. Yet but how do we access that and what holds us back from fully expressing ourselves? And how do we know and meet and our body’s needs and desires? Whatever pleasure you are having, or not having at the moment, it can always be deepened, whether that’s with yourself or with a partner. It always comes down to knowing our own bodies and releasing any blocks. So lets start reframing what pleasure and ‘sex’ looks like to us.

The more we work with women in the arena of sexual expression and pleasure seeking, the more we hear stories of disappointment, frustration, and confusion around intimacy, sex and relationship. It seems our bodies and our pleasure are a mystery to not only our partners, but also ourselves. Its time to change that. 

Much of the media portrays female sexuality as male sexuality-lite and therefore if we don’t feel we have a high sex drive or performance skills we’re somehow broken. Our bodies, our pleasure and our arousal can operate in very different ways to men, and we all know this. It is important that we understand that this doesn’t mean that they, or we, are wrong in our capacity for pleasure, just different.

This weekend will allow you to learn what you might like to experience, build your confidence and open up new future possibilities for new pleasure.

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