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From Safety to Sensuality

Combining the best of the safety, connection and boundary setting of a cuddle workshop, with feeling safe in expressing yourself in intimacy, this day allows you to relax and be brave.  We'd all like to feel cared for enough to explore our edges around more sensual touch and here you'll have the opportunity to do that.  Andrew will host a structured cuddle workshop filled with fun and exploration during the first part of the event, and in the second part, Ali will share ideas about exquisite conscious touch and what frees us to express that.  This allows us to move from healing and nurturing touch, to the more sensual realm, with confidence and desire.   Based still within the wheel of consent, you'll feel free to explore within your own limits and pleasures.  There is no nudity in this workshop though we advise you to dress in layered clothing. 


16 places £55.  £47 if booked before 20 August.  Please email Ali or Andrew to book or

Please bring food to share and quilts and covers to make gorgeous comfortable nests

Later Event: 7 September
The Space Between Your Legs