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Consensuality and Tantra

  • Manchester Manchester, England, M4 2AF United Kingdom (map)

Ali Grace and Annabel Newfield offer you this in-depth day to explore touch and consent… Throughout the day we will drop into the magic of the moment, connecting, very simply, to open ourselves to be truly receptive to touch…  the days offers a beautiful and gentle learning curve, and by the end of the day you will have new awareness and skills.

Often in everyday life touch receives the least attention of all our senses, yet many of us have a deep longing to be touched in the way that we want, in and by the presence of another. Those of us already aware of this are looking for ways to improve the quality of the touch we wish to give and receive, to enrich our pleasure and our relationships. 

This day will marry Annabel Newfield’s teachings around Tantra and Scared Sexuality, and Alison Pilling’s ‘Consensuality’ teachings.  ‘Consensuality’ derives from 'The Wheel of Consent' developed by Dr Betty Martin, a world-leading educator on sexuality. 

Together we will create situations where you and others can practice asking for and giving and receiving the touch that you want. This is a caring comfortable and confidential environment that allows you to relax and experience the power of this practice for yourself. 

We include tips for sensual and nurturing touch that will enhance the pleasure of your relationships. You will discover in a non-judgemental and safe way that your boundaries and pleasure are your responsibility and that there is a wonderful freedom in being able to clearly state what you would enjoy giving as well as well as receiving. 

Cost is £70 if you book before 25 August, £80 for bookings after that.   Paid to Alison Pilling.  Bank details or PayPal given on enquiry.  

Timings 10.30-5.30  

Please bring - duvet/blankets and cushions to work on.  Lunch to share.  Teas and coffee and some food will be provided