Do your sexual fantasies both confuse and excite you? Do they turn you on and yet sometimes take over your life in ways that aren't serving you? Can you play with your fetishes or have they got you by the balls? Are your sexual fantasies kinky and fun or are they keeping you caught in a trap? Are they affecting your relationships, repulsing or confusing your partner and ultimately harming you? Are your turn ons turning other people off? 

Understanding the reasons for your erotic turn-ons is fascinating and can tell you more about your life and what you really need and want than you might think. Finding safe ways to understand and express your fetishes in reality, rather than in your head or using porn can be liberating on many levels.  As long as you have a consenting partner who wants to experiment or likes the same thing this can be fun sometimes. Yet getting stuck in it is boring for partners, it can turn women off you and it affects your body and your ways of connecting. 

This is an invitation for you to join me in a safe yet powerful exploration of your sexual fantasy.  By exploring your erotic fantasies, you will learn how to have fun with them breaking through guilt, shame and anxiety.  This is intelligent work offered in a light-hearted way, allowing you to understand yourself more fully and with insight, moving fantasy into reality and variety.  Through the safe understanding of potential gifts and hazards of your fantasy world,  then discovering the wonder of the reality of genuine intimacy and communication, you will find you have greater choice and acceptance in your life.  And better more confident real relationships with yourself and others. 


Please email to book a first consultancy session.After the initial consultancy if we decide to work together it's £650 for 3 x 2 hr sessions including support between sessions. You'll need to read The Erotic Mind by Jack Morin alongside our work. I suggest you might want to check out too.