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How would it be for you to enjoy a fulfilling, erotic life, feeling empowered in your own body, your desires and confident in your ability to know and communicate with care & confidence, your needs and desires for yourself and with others?

I work with individual men to support them to reclaim their sexuality, discover and express their own boundaries and to enjoy more sexual confidence in themselves and their relationships. if you are a woman, trans (including non-binary) and/or gender non conforming, please click here

I can support you to identify an overarching goal for your erotic and sensual life and then by working together, we tailor each session to your needs and in service of reaching your goal. We call this approach Sex Coaching and sometimes also Sexology. This work is also know as Somatic work because we are working directly with the wisdom of your body, your heart and your soul.

Men seek help for a whole range of reasons, what resonates for you? 

  • You want to feel more connection with your body and your own desires

  • You want to have more choice around your ejaculations

  • You want to address erectile dysfunction

  • You would like to learn to give and receive pleasure

  • You want to get more out of self pleasure

  • You want to give less and receive more in intimacy

  • You would like to explore anal pleasure

  • You want to regain your confidence around relationships and become 'partner ready'

  • You want to use less pornography

  • You want to learn more about your own body and how to access greater pleasure

  • You are tired of the same old, same old

  • You want to take charge of your own life and your own pleasure

Maybe you found your sexual and/or relationship challenge above or perhaps you feel something else is holding you back from reaching your full sexual potential?

Working together, we can help to tap into the core of what your body needs and find solutions that work for you as an individual. I am trained to use a range of talking and touch approaches including genital and anal touch for education, healing and pleasure. As well as touch I use breath techniques, sound and movement to consciously access erotic states and from this experiential learning help you discover what your body really wants. Through coaching, communication, guided practice and other body based experiences you can learn how to make what your body wants into a reality for yourself!

How many sessions you will need depends on what you wish to explore and how committed you are to the process including homework, in between each session. Most clients benefit from between 3 and 7 sessions.

If you are ready and motivated to take a positive step towards discovering and realising your full erotic potential then book your free 20 minute telephone discovery session to explore how we can work together.   

"Sian is very open and easy to talk to. Working with her has helped me break patterns I've been stuck in for years”


“My partner and I had been trying for a baby for several months and had been told we both had fertility problems. I visited Sian in January 2018 hoping to find a way to restore my energy and fertility and find strength and peace before going in for IVF. Sian was very kind, welcoming and the time we spent together was wonderful. I left with renewed hope and ideas to explore. We never went into IVF treatment. Just a week after the session with Sian my partner conceived with a positive pregnancy test confirming on St Valentine’s Day The pregnancy was without complications and our beautiful daughter was born in October. I’m certain that Sian helped to bring about our little miracle, and cannot thank her enough for her help.”

“I am nonbinary transmasculine in the process of transitioning, and also have a history of sexual trauma.  I'm not a straightforward client, but Sian agreed to work with me as a case study while studying and has continued to see me since qualifying.  She has helped me with receiving touch and understanding my processes and blocks around my body and sexuality.  As well as touch, I've talked about my history and dysphoria and feel I can talk openly about anything with Sian.  She's managed everything with sensitivity and understanding, even when I'm bringing issues that she's not familiar with.  Working with Sian has been challenging for me, and more deeply therapeutic than I'd expected.  She holds a wonderfully safe and accepting space and I'd highly recommend working with her."

“I had 3 sessions with Sian. I was very impressed and highly recommend her! I have done a lot of personal development around sexuality in group workshop settings. I have also had a lot of individual therapy and coaching on sexuality and other topics. My time with Sian was a unique combination of the two that I would best describe as a personal workshop. It was experiential and practical and gave me big insights into how I live my sexuality and practical clear ways to transform it. The techniques Sian uses allowed me to see how I can make changes to enjoy more fully my sexuality and intimacy. It really does reach a place where other therapy and workshops don’t reach.

What I so appreciate in Sian is her no nonsense clean direct approach which is at the same time extremely sensitive, loving and nurturing. I felt safe to go in the my vulnerable scary places while feeling very open to Sian challenging me and encouraging me to take a hard look at certain patterns and step out of my comfort zone. I appreciate someone who pushes me this way, and it was never too much, I felt very held and safe at all times. I would absolutely work with Sian again, by myself or with a  future intimate partner.

“Sian is a lovely lady who brings so much to her work, including sincerity and sensitivity. She has a special gift for helping people. She empathizes so well and puts you at complete ease. She is very serious and genuine about what she does.”

"She really does go out of her way to make you feel welcome and comfortable."