Sex School For Grown Ups

Let me introduce you to my amazing friend and one of my mentors Alison Pilling. Meeting her changed everything.  She gave me my first Tantric massage and then went on to teach me. My life took a turn for the better.  She has believed in me and encouraged me in every step of the way, she saw my potential for living in my true nature and my interest and talent in this work.


With her kindness, knowledge of our field and what’s possible, she’s helped me make choices, given wise suggestions about clients’ issues, and expanded my range and possibilities for myself.   With both professional and personal insights and suggestions I’m getting to know both my work and myself on a deeper level.

With a grounding in Tantra, and an ultimately liberating exploration into conscious kink and shadow healing, alongside continuing professional training in Sexological Bodywork, Alison is a somatic sex educator, teacher and mentor with a widely informed experience. 

Alison believes that sex education can be light hearted while dealing with serious matters of the body, heart and soul.   She knows there’s no quick fix in reclaiming sexual freedom and sexual self confidence and is here to offer practical information, insight and supportive direction with curiosity rather than judgment

Awakening to our own power and sexuality increases our capacity to create wonderful relationships and the life we imagine and desire. If you want to learn about yourself and the powerful life changing magic of sorting out your sex life, let Alison be your guide.

Alison specialises in the following:

  • Supporting people to understand the influence of the erotic mind and to explore how to move beyond fantasy into the wonder of reality.
  • Understanding the qualities of skilled and sensual touch for healing and pleasure
  • Exploring consensual relationships, understanding your and other’s boundaries
  • Moving beyond old trauma to explore possibilities of safe and sensual pleasure
  • Working with a unique surrogacy model for women

A practitioner’s practitioner and qualified life coach, Alison also offers mentoring services for Tantrikas and other practitioners as well as a referral service.

She loves to work with people who are ready to create a better life and attract good relationships. When you are ready to make changes and learn new ways and possibilities for a more intimate future, please check her website to book a discovery session or a workshop.