Sex School For Grown Ups

Host of The Sex Lectures and creator of Sex School for Grown Ups, Alison is a Sex Coach with a widely informed experience.  This includes Tantra, professional training in Somatic Sex Education and an ultimately liberating personal exploration into conscious kink.

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Alison believes that grown up sex education can be light hearted while dealing with serious matters of the body, heart and soul.   She knows there’s no quick fix in reclaiming sexual freedom and sexual self confidence and is here to offer practical information, insight and supportive direction without judgment.

Alison specialises in online sex coaching.  You may be surprised at how much is possible online. Booking a First Steps session is a liberating chance to get it all off your chest.  £150 for 2 hours. It's a chance to understand what’s going on for you, find a new perspective, get information on possible options for the future.

In a natural and easy conversation, Alison will give you space to look at your current situation, past experiences, peak sexual experiences, hopes, masturbation styles and porn choices. Previous poor or damaging experiences will be handled sensitively. 

Building sexual self confidence relies on acceptance for who you are, learning new information and trying new ways of doing things. To book a session please email suggesting a date.

In a discerning private practice, she works with selected clients focusing on the following practical aspects of ‘sex ed for grown ups’:  The important sexy and embodied stuff you wish you’d been taught at school.  New clients are welcome from May 2019.

  • Teaching the qualities of skilled and sensual touch for healing and pleasure including erotic massage skills.

  • Building relationships that are alive and varied, understanding boundaries and making embodied consent sexy and exciting.

  • Moving beyond old ideas to explore possibilities of safe and sensual fun and pleasure.

  • Overcoming shame around desire, lack of experience and fantasy.

 She loves to work with people who are motivated to create a better life and have healthy, intimate relationships.