Tantric massage has the power to help you experience new levels of relaxation, arousal, connection to yourself and an overall improved sense of well being.

Tantra is a vast and holistic philosophy for living that originated in ancient India. It was adapted from these roots into western culture, becoming particularly popular in the last half century or so. Many Western teachers have focused primarily on the elements of Tantra relating to sex and sexuality. Tantra promotes sexual energy as a positive life force energy and promotes its use to help deepen our connection with ourselves, each other and with the divine energies residing in each of us.

tantric massage

Tantric Massage is a method of exploring your sexual energy as a life force. I use my presence, skill and an honouring of your own unique body to help you heighten and extend your sexual energy; circulating it so that pleasure can be felt beyond your genitals, connecting with your heart centre and across your whole body.

“Sian has a Tantric Temple which is a beautiful, warm, candle-lit, incense-suffused space that evokes relaxation as soon as you enter it. Sian is a lovely lady and welcomed me like a friend. She treated me with the utmost respect and to the best Tantric massage (or any type of massage come to that) I have ever had - it was two hours of bliss, and a real mind/body holistic experience. I will be back for more”

Tantric Awakening Massage:

An oil free massage that uses a range of touch from feathers, to breath, to silk; heightening your sensitivity and allowing a new experiential awareness of your body, your senses and your arousal.

Kashmiri Massage:

Tactile and intimate with warm oils, this massage uses long strokes, paced from energising to soothing, to help you reach your internal calm. Close, intimate and sensual, this massage can help you to experience a deep sense of connection, relaxation and comfort.

Taoist Erotic Massage:

My most popular massage. By following my guidance on your breath, movement and sound, this co created, hot oil massage can help you to arouse and circulate your sexual energy. And in harnessing its power you can re-energise your body and connect more fully with your heart and your soul. 

"Sian creates an ambiance of warmth, trust and calm where you can embrace her guidance and enjoy a wonderful sensual experience"

Whichever massage you choose, during every session, my focus and presence is entirely with you; moment by moment. There is no expectation or performance required from you. Touch is always one way; from me as practitioner to you as client and you are encouraged to allow yourself to entirely receive.

Choosing to invest in the experience of this highly sought after balance of relaxation and aliveness is a gift to your body, heart and soul.

My invitation to you, is to switch off your phone, leave the world at the door and make the most of this time for you.

“Sian, It was so good working with you and it was a completely wonderful experience. The feelings and benefits stayed with me into the next day.” 

“I visited Sian for the first time and can only say what a wonderful memorizing experience it was. After a short chat I was put totally at ease. The overall experience was wonderful and once I let my inhibitions go, I felt totally at one with myself. The experience was exceptional.”

I first met Sian for a tantric massage, she is a very warm and welcoming woman who immediately put me at ease so I felt safe and relaxed. The massage was extremely professional and not rushed. Afterwards I felt completely relaxed and contented.  I would recommend Sian without any hesitation at all.

“I am 66yrs old never had any sort of massage so I admit a felt quite nervous but as soon as I met S. and spoke to her she instantly put me at ease, she totally understood how I felt. […] the treatment was absolutely fabulous 2 hours of total bliss[…] I wish l had discovered this years ago.”