The Mens Programme

Bringing together principles of Tantra, Sexological Bodywork and Sexual Surrogacy, this programme is specifically designed to work around key issues that affect many men.


6 sessions across a period of 6-12 weeks

  • The Opening session: This is a standalone session that lasts 2-3 hours and includes intention setting, assessment games, and an erotic massage. This session is an opportunity to get to know each other and you can see whether the way I work suits you. 

  • If you’d like to continue working together, there is a 5 session package which you can sign up to as follows. Each session is 2 hours long:

  • Session 1: Your body and your arousal, how it works, sometimes why it doesn’t and how to work with what you’ve got. Homework

  • Session 2: Her body and her arousal; your chance to explore the intricacies of female arousal including answers to the questions you never dared ask. Homework

  • Session 3: Exploring sexual well being, choice and better communication for you and for her. Homework

  • Session 4: Touch; 21 different erogenous zones. 6 different types of touch. How, where and why. Homework

  • Session 5: Bringing it all together in a practical hands on session. 

The Mens Programme is designed to take you on a fast track to gaining confidence, helping you explore and acquire skills that help you be more in touch with yourself and better equipped to explore intimacy with another. Issues that can be worked with during this programme include:

  • Ejaculation control and ejaculation choice: Covering issues around non ejaculation, premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation. Learn to have greater choice about when you ejaculate, to separate orgasm from and ejaculation and choose whether you want to ejaculate or not

  • Erectile dysfunction: covering issues around symptoms and causes of Erectile dysfunction. addressing changes in the body, longer term lovemaking and alternatives to medication

  • Building sexual confidence and body confidence: Whether you are 25 or 55, very few of us have had honest and practical opportunities to ask the unaskable, to learn and to practice sexual techniques. Most sex tends to be reliant on a mixture of guesswork and telepathy. Here is your opportunity to explore

  • Becoming Partner Ready: Whether you are new to sex and relationships or are looking to start dating again after a time away, this programme can support you to be more prepared to bring fulfilling sex and relationships into your life

  • Exploring your sexual expression: Exploring your own pleasure, and what turns you on whether this is a fetish, kink or just plain unusual, we can work together to find safer and liberating ways for you to explore your own unique sexual expression

  • Is your issue not mentioned here? Check out the additional options below or get in touch to see whether we can work together around this


Usually sessions are on a fortnightly basis and takes 12 weeks to complete. Arrangements can be made for sessions to be staged at shorter or longer intervals depending on your circumstances.

Homework will consist of daily practice of around an hour a day in between each session


All sessions are priced at £200 each

The Opening Session lasts between 2-3 hours and costs £200

The 5 session package can be purchased as follows:

  • Single payment discount: 5 for the price of 4 (saving £200) one upfront payment of £800

  • OR

  • Pay as you go discount: 5 for the price of 4 (saving £200) pay a £100 deposit upfront and then pay as you go for sessions 1 to 4 at £160 and session 5 at £60

  • OR

  • Ad hoc basis: Come and go as you please at £200 per session.

Additional Options

I offer additional sessions around other subject areas including:

  • Erotic Massage: experience erotic massage for yourself or learn to give erotic massage

  • Fetish, taboo and the shadow: an exploration of desires that are often suppressed and how these can be brought out of the shadows and find a safe and healthier expression without losing the charge

  • Power and Surrender: Dip your toe into the waters of tie and tease and surrender

  • Anal pleasure: Erotic massage which includes a rosebud massage and prostate massage

  • Pornography: why its addictive and how to use it wisely

  • Self Pleasure: Joseph Kramer says change the way you masturbate, change your life.! Explore new ways to enjoy your own body, gain confidence, pleasure and release shame

A range of other sessions can be explored by arrangement, talk to me about what you’d like to experience

How to book

Begin by arranging a free discovery session to explore if this work is for you.