I have had a life long and what I can only describe as an intense and very controlling boot fetish, both mentally and financially. I contacted Ali for support over a year ago and have found her support and the professionalism of her work amazing which has been invaluable in helping me not only take control of my fetish but understand how it begun and how to work with it in my daily life. Ali has a warm character which enabled me to open up like I have never been able to with anyone before. She listens and fully understands me and the life long journey I have been on with my fetish. Would i recommend Ali?  Yes.   100% and I want to continue with her support and would recommend her to anyone similar to myself.  
During my two hours with Ali I felt safe and cared for and truly connected. The “giving and receiving” and “taking and allowing” sessions were clear and instructive and opened a whole new understanding in me of how to improve and nurture a loving relationship. Ali has a great gift and I have taken these lessons joyfully back to my partner with wonderful results in our sex life. Thank you so, so much.
— David
We did a bodywork exercise involving consent. I was nervous and resistant to doing this at first as I wasn’t sure how I would a) feel about being touched intimately by a woman and b) whether I would be OK with relinquishing control and allowing myself to be touched. Ali held the space really well, I felt safe and held even though the session explored what some of my edges were. Once again, I was surprised that despite the fact I thought I would experience some discomfort or that stuff may come up for me, what I actually experienced was pleasure, playfulness , a lack of inhibition and that my YES! was much bigger than my NO! My fear is beginning to dissipate and to turn into something much more like excitement. I’ve been really impressed so far with Alison’s ability to really listen and to give observations/ feedback on the way that i communicate and behave.
— K (woman)
I didn’t really know that sex coaching existed until I began working with Ali, and the process has been wonderfully transformative for me. I can’t imagine working with anyone who could make me feel more happy and comfortable about sharing aspects of myself that I would normally keep private, and every session I have with Ali leaves me feeling more comfortable and confident in myself, as well as more excited about cultivating better relationships. Ali’s work has had a positive impact on lots of different aspects of my life, and I am learning new things about myself with every session.
— Stephen
Ali Grace is a warm, lively, funny, down to earth, no-nonsense, subtle woman with lots of knowledge that she gracefully shares. She is a passionate educator with a genuine care to see you evolve and unfold to your full pleasure potential. This woman knows her stuff! She is a wonderful listener and she does take the time to know you, really, you. She will gently guide you and challenge you to explore aspects of your sexual self that you weren’t aware of. She will take you far beyond your expectations.
— Haya
Alison is a lovely, warm-hearted, supportive mentor. She helped me reconnect with myself and rediscover a confidence I thought I`d lost. I cannot thank her enough for the positive changes she has helped bring to my life.
— Chris
Having sessions with Ali has been transformational for me. It was at times challenging, but on the whole fun and nourishing. Our sessions combined deep respect, trust and compassion with acceptance, laughter and tears. She playfully escorted me to my edge so that I could see my tendencies and fears, not to mention the unconscious way I had been limiting my repertoire due to the former. I saw myself very clearly through the mirror of our work together. This has been invaluable for freeing up possibilities for change and expansion for the future.
— DR
It has been an honour and a privilege working with Alison in this life changing work. In the short time that we worked together I experienced profound changes, not only in myself as a sexual being but in all aspects of my life. I arrived feeling extremely stuck and terrified of my sexuality - an area of my life I felt too scared to explore. I chose to work on constrictions and fears that kept me from my pleasure. At all times I felt absolutely safe and trusted Alison implicitly. I felt heard by her. She saw my edges and skilfully and intuitively guided me through, in such a loving, caring, nurturing and fun way. I never felt judged. I am deeply grateful to her for helping me to liberate myself from my lifetime of fears, shame and guilt around my sexuality. I am now able to experience and enjoy myself as a sexual being, to relax and luxuriate in the pleasure my body holds. My stepping into my erotic energy - my life force - has impacted throughout my whole life. I am more empowered as a woman, I have less anxiety, my life is more spacious allowing me to explore more experiences that satisfy and fulfil me. I experience the world in a more sensual way, I am clearer, find making decisions easier and am more articulate.
— HS