Welcome to the life changing magic of sorting your sex life out. 

You're here because you're ready to make some changes and learn more about intimacy and sexuality. 

You've come to the right place and I'm here to support you on your journey. This is Sex School for grown ups. 

If things are successful professionally yet aren’t working out for you in your personal life, it's good to seek new understanding. You might be confused about existing relationships, or feeling like there is something missing when it comes to intimacy - even if you don't know what it is. Sexuality is complex and I can help you understand what's going on for you. And what's possible. 

You could be concerned with loss of esteem or libido, or struggling with body image and self confidence.  Or would you appreciate some support in dealing with previous bad experiences so you can form successful happy relationships in future? 

Perhaps your partner has switched off and you want to reconnect, though you're not sure how. Or maybe you'd like to start a meaningful relationship and want to understand more about dating and build sexual self confidence and understanding.

Would you like to learn how to take steps to a more varied intimacy in your life?  Maybe you’re simply inexperienced and you want to express this in safety, with privacy and care, and to take small steps.  You might not know what you like or what might be possible, or you might want to be 'better in bed' and gain confidence without fear of judgement. 

If you're feeling shame or guilt around porn usage or a troublesome fetish you might want to safely explore how you can move beyond this. 

All of these are natural and part of being human, and you are very welcome here. In a one-to-one session, you can explore your sexual issues in a wider context and gain a stronger understanding of yourself with ease, connection and safety. You’ll feel more aware and alive, more interested in yourself and your life, and you'll gain understanding, with awareness and acceptance.

I offer discreet private sessions in relationship and sexuality coaching.  I teach varied group events and workshops, and I have links with a community of healing and sexuality professionals to make referrals. 

Whatever is attracting you to the ideas offered here, it is likely that I have explored it in my work and training, and I am aware of the courage it takes for you to step into the unknown and to learn new ideas and ways of being.